I provide proofreading and editing services in the following areas:

  • Fiction – all genres except horror and graphic erotica. I accept works that are steamy providing there is a strong story line and the sex is incidental to the story. LGBTQI work is welcome.
  • Non-Fiction
  • Theses – proofreading for punctuation, spelling, grammar, correct citation. I would expect your supervisor to deal with flow, accuracy etc.
  • Policy and procedure documentation.
  • Anything else by negotiation.

I provide editing in both American and British English as required. I utilise the Chicago Manual of Style for American English and the Oxford Style Manual for British English.

In addition to proofreading and editing I have extensive experience in writing policy and procedure documentation and constitutions for different organisational types.


This should be the final check of your writing prior to it going live.

I do at least three full read throughs of your work, focussing on a different aspect each time in order to ensure that your work is as close to error free as practicable.

If I find substantial errors in facts, figures, structure, flow etc. I will contact you to discuss my findings. We can then discuss whether another service would be more appropriate. Minor errors in these areas will be dealt with through the proofreading process.

I check for any remaining:

  • errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation.
  • inconsistencies in character and business names, location etc.
  • minor errors in facts and figures, structure, flow etc.

Cost for this is $3 AUD per 1,000 words (additional under 200 words rounded down, 200 words and above rounded up).

Minimum cost $10 AUD

Copy/line editing

Copy/line editing includes checking for:

  • Flow.
  • Structural issues including plot holes.
  • Correct use of tense.
  • Consistency.
  • Jargon.
  • Factual issues (I check all facts I am not 100% sure of for accuracy).
  • Missing content.
  • Unnecessary content.
  • Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, style.

Cost for this is $7.50 AUD per 1,000 words (additional under 200 words rounded down, 200 words and above rounded up).

Minimum cost $15 AUD.

Other Services

Please contact me via the contact form to discuss any other editing services that you require.


I can provide a quote if required, and will provide an invoice for all agreed services.

Payment terms are 50% on acceptance of the work, and 50% payable at completion, prior to the finished edits being returned to you.

Payment is accepted via PayPal or direct bank deposit, and the type of invoice issued will depend on the agreed payment process.

Please contact me via the form on my contact page to discuss how I can assist you. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.